Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The One With Priorities

I haven't had much to say recently. My life has been incredibly busy between homeschooling, soccer, music lessons, job training & well... life with 5 kids.

My priorities are askew lately and I've found myself tuning the children out because of the stresses in my life. The few moments I have at home I've not wanted to deal with giving them the attention they need, rather turning to my computer or TV to 'veg out and destress'. Not surprisingly this has caused MORE stress because the children always act out more when they aren't getting the positive attention they need & deserve. I didn't even realize what I was doing until recently. It actually took the death of an old family friend to make me realize that my priorities were way off base. It's sad that it sometimes takes that to wake us up, isn't it?

So I need to re-prioritize my life and realize what is really important and what isn't worth even giving my time to.

1. God
2. Family
3. House
4. Non-family relationships
5. Job

Now... I need to stick w/ that list.