Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I haven't actually gotten excited about this move yet. I've been more overwhelmed w/ it all. Who knew that packing w/ 5 little ones wouldn't be a walk in the park? LOL!! I have had half filled boxes knocked over, glasses broken, fully packed/waiting for tape boxes unpacked by a certain 1 y/o, toys unpacked and played with. Not to mention that as I'm packing the laundry is piling up. It's almost as bad as shoveling in a snow storm. LOL!

But I'm pretty excited that we're actually finally moving. Still no actually closing date. They are saying "end of the month/beginning of next" still. I hate not knowing. *sigh*

We're doing whatever we can to put an offer on a place in VT. It has 10 acres of woods... and the house is a little bigger than our current home. The house isn't actually ideal, but we love the land. So we'll see what happens with that.

Monday, March 8, 2010

The Overwhelmed One

I'm overwhelmed. Very overwhelmed. I can't stop thinking about the appraisal and whether the house passed. I can't stop thinking about how much the electrical issues will cost us (have to get the box replaced by a licensed electrician) Can't stop thinking about how expensive houses in VT are. Can't stop wondering if we'll ever find the right place for us. Can't stop feeling jealous and frustrated by families who make more $ and can afford more, but complain about having no money when we have no debt yet still cannot afford a house in VT that isn't either a prefab or really old one needing lots of work. Can't stop feeling stressed. I'd really like to hide out for the next 6 weeks and let DH do it all. I can't even start packing yet because I realtor said to wait til she said so... and I don't even know where to start w/ the packing. I don't want to think about dealing w/ the actual move... yet I want to be moved asap.



Thursday, March 4, 2010

The One With An Offer

There's been so much happening lately that I've been super busy.

We received and accepted an offer on our home on Feb 20th. We had our inspection on Feb 28th & will have the appraisal done tomorrow, March 5th. If all goes well, we should be closing in April.

We've also found a home that we like in VT. We're praying/thinking about it. We have an appt on Friday w/ a loan specialist to get pre-approved and if we can do it, I think we'll make an offer. *gulp* I'm so nervous & excited.

I have a list that I'm keeping of all the "coincidences" of recent happenings. I will share them when I have time. For now I need to get up w/ the kiddos and start cleaning!! The last cleaning before the final cleaning! WOOHOO!!!