Monday, March 30, 2009

The One Back To Reality....

Matt and I had a wonderful anniversary weekend. We went to antique shops and ate out... I did no cooking except to make coffee Sunday morning. We also did some clothes shopping for the kids... which is MUCH easier w/out the kids. We came home and relaxed and just enjoyed being 'us' again for a few days. (With Alyssa in tow of course!!) It was awesome to have quiet conversations that were uninterrupted and snuggle time that was uninterrupted. It was nice to decide when we wanted to do things w/out having to take kids into consideration. :)

Now it's back to reality and boy is it reality. THe kiddos are all fighting and complaining about everything. They are overtired from staying up late at Grandma's. No big deal... it's just a nice dose of reality. LOL!

So this week I want to get the boys room cleaned out and organized & do a bunch of spring cleaning/de-cluttering/organizing throughout the house. I did it to the kitchen a few weeks ago and it's been great!! I love how clean and homey it feels.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Another Pic from 9 years ago...


THe One About 9 Years Ago


The One About 9 Years Ago...

Do you ever have one of those nights when you wonder why you bothered going to bed in the first place? I was up w/ insomnia the better part of the night & then when I did sleep I had bazaar/freaky dreams. Blech! Hate nights like that...

But today will be a better day... wanna know why?! Matt and I get the entire day from about 9 or 10 until tomorrow around 4:30 to OURSELVES!! Well... almost. Alyssa will be with us, but she doesn't count since she won't be making constant demands that affect our conversations. :) Plus, seriously... when you have 5 kids having just 1 for the day is like a vacation!

I'm not sure what we're doing yet. I think it's going to be just fun hanging out together again. <3. It happens so little these days. Oh and our being alone is to celebrate our 9th anniversary!!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

The One With The New Toys

So this weekend Matt & I went out to get yellow food coloring and tape and we came home with a brand new washer and dryer set and no food coloring or tape. LOL!

We always use our tax refund to pay off debt plust get one big purchase item... this year we were debating between a washer/dryer, a new vacuum, or a new couch. We decided the couch was out because we still have quite a few years left of children destroying the couches. So while we were in town we were going to price the vacuums and the washer/dryer. We couldn't decide on a vacuum... I really like the dysons, but they are SO expensive for a vacuum... And ours is still sort of working. I was going to get the Bissells Healthy Home one, but it's super heavy and the reviews were mixed OL. So... we started looking at washer/dryer sets and I was hesitant because they are spendy. I knew I wanted a front loading one. Lowes had a set on sale for $1600, so we went to the bank to take some cash out. On the way back we decided to go to one more store to check it out... and found a set for $1600, but with $400 worth of rebates & free Tide & Bounce for a year!!! So we paid cash on the spot and Matt's boss met us w/ his truck to help us get them home. Matt hooked them up and I used them right away. I L-O-V-E them!! They are energy star, use only 10 gal of water (compared to my top-loading that used 40+ gal/water) and are ssooooo quiet. They work SO well too... made me realize how my washer wasn't doing as good a job as I thought.... :/

Only a Mom can get excited about these things, huh? LOL!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

The One About 15 Minutes of Bliss

I managed to get 15 minutes to myself today. What an amazing thing to happen in the middle of a weekday. I put Sammy down for a quick snooze. Then Alyssa fell asleep. Then Beth finished her chores and was able to do computer time. THEN James & Levi asked for a bath. So I was alone in my living room with a cup of coffee and a Mexican Chocolate Chip cookie and my laptop. It was SOOO wonderful. But then an ambulance went by and woke Sammy. He came out of his room crying and woke Alyssa. Then Beth's started talking about her game and wanting to tell me all about it. Then James started yelling at Levi in the tub and Levi started yelling at James. So... 15 minutes of bliss... to be followed by an evening of normalcy. Sometimes it's better to skip the quiet moments and just have the day continue at normal pace.....

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Another Random One

I got a new pair of heels and feel like a whole new woman. I haven't bought heels since my wedding 9 years ago.... and those were 'wear only once for the wedding' shoes.

I found the joy of belts. I'm loosing weight and while my larger size jeans fall down, my next size down leave a little muffin top, which I hate. So I started wearing a belt on my larger size jeans. They don't fall down that way, but also don't leave that icky 'muffin top'.

I'm tired of friends who only want to be friends when it's convienient for them. :/ Wondering if I can change that some how... or would it be better to continue to live in my own little world and cut ties w/ people on the outside. OR... do I just let it continue to be what it is. That's what I usually do. Let the other dictate how the friendship will run it's course. Blech.

I'm super excited that Matt & I have a WHOLE weekend to ourselves soon!! Yay!! We'll be celebrating our 9th anniversary!!

I'm super excited that if all stays on schedule we will be DONE school by mid-end of April!!! WOOHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How's that for randomness. :D

Monday, March 9, 2009

Another One About Sleep

Alyssa has been SLEEPING lately! Yay! She had been getitng up every 45 - 90 minutes and that was TOO MUCH. I felt like I nursed all day and all night and it was getting to be hard on me. I felt so touched out. I know some Moms can handle it... but I'm an introvert and one who doesn't like being touched all the time... even by my own child. Anyway... I decided to start putting her in her own bed at night and see how that went. She started to sleep 2-3 hrs at a time!! Yay!! Then it got up to about 4 hrs at a time. Then last night & the night before she only woke up once. Sat night it was after 5 hrs of sleep... last night it was after 7!!! I even peeked over the edge of her bed and felt her breathing to make sure she was ok. (Yes I still do that after 5 kids! lol!! )