Monday, February 20, 2012

The One About Love

Over the past month the subject of Love has been mulling around in my mind. Probably because of February 14th, but it seems to have started well before then. It started in little bits before that, but at a women's day retreat it came to a point where I couldn't stop thinking about it. Less than a week later, I had a preschool meeting at church. Since I was already at church, I decided to pop in to the women's meeting that night. Guess what it was about? Yep... love. And of course the Toby Mac song "Made to Love" won't stop playing in my daughter's room, on my iPod & on Pandora! Have you ever really listened to the lyrics to that song? If you haven't, you should. Click here to read them.

We were created to love, be loved & be in relationship with God & each other. Without this, we feel lost, alone & misplaced. There are things that block us and make us incapable of feeling or giving love. My children enjoy watching "What's in the Bible" by Phil Vischer. We keep it in the car and watch it as we drive around, so I've listened to it a lot! One thing he says really hits home & has stuck in my head. I'm paraphrasing here... he says that we live in a broken world. When we choose to do what we think is right & not what God wants us to do, we break our relationship with God. Isn't that essentially what sin has done? When Adam & Eve first chose to disobey God, they broke the full, true, in-inhibited relationship that they had with God. Sad to say, that many times the choices that hurt us the most are not choices that we make, but rather those around us make. The repercussions of those choices hurt us & others around them.

I had started to bare more of my soul in this post... but I have chosen to delete for now. I may or may not choose to share these thoughts later, but for now, they remain muddled in my mind. Essentially... we live in a broken, sinful world where love (true love) exists only in small glimpses. I cannot wait to reach Heaven... I can only imagine the love there is beyond amazing...

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