Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Mixed Up One

I haven't really talked about the moving in process. It went well... we had lots of help, which we were thankful for! I'm so glad to be moved in and I love my house. I especially love the way it feels when it's clean and not cluttered w/ kids toys, couch pillows on the floor and piano books strewn all over the piano & piano bench. :) I love the way it feels in the evenings w/ the warm glow of the lamp in the living room. I look forward to winter evenings curled up w/ a good book in that living room.

Upstairs needs some work.... Still lots of unpacking/sorting/cleaning/curtain making/organizing to do up there. But I'm getting the downstairs into shape nicely and loving it.

Parenting.... *sigh* It seems for the birds lately. I'm tired of making so many sacrifices for my children only to be walked on by them.

That's probably a little over dramatic. Its been a rough few days with a certain middle child whose name shall not be mentioned. Out of all my children this child can bring out the worst in me. I really don't recall my mother getting as angry as I get ever. And I only get so angry with this one child. I'm kind of feeling at a loss on how to deal with it. I think I've probably tried every parenting technique under the sun and every time I think I've found *the thing* that works, it stops working. Not fun.

Hopefully it'll all work out in the end... tho I have my doubts some days.

TOO BUSY ~ This fall we've taken on a lot... more than we've ever taken on before.
Monday is cooking class w/ Trish (only every other Monday) and soccer.
Tuesday is band for Michael & possible Rangers for all, tho I think we'll skip that this year.
Wednesday is music class for Karah and soccer
Thursday is piano lessons for all (and sometimes soccer)
Friday is either Friday School or Field trip day... or I use it to catch up on housework.
Saturday is soccer.
Sunday is church/family day (tho this is often busy w/ parties and stuff)

Plus we have daily school, chores, etc. to do. Yes... we're TOO BUSY this year. I look forward to being able to sit down & breath for a few seconds someday.... ;)

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rlcrcalderwood said...

RT@ parenting a challenging child. I always told my kids that I would " hug you, kiss you, and love you forever". The message must have planted because during one challenging confrontation I asked, "What am I going to DO with you?" She simply answered, " Hug me, kiss me, and love me forever." Sometimes that is all you can do. I found when things got stressful in parent/child relationships it usually meant the child really needed more attention. I had girls, so sitting down with hugs worked well. You will probably be afraid of rewarding bad behaviour, but I would talk about their need and as they grew up they were able to express their needs for a hug or a breather time. If I remembered to honor their request for one-on-one time or space to relax then the kids rarely misused the priviledge. Hang in are doing fine. :)