Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The One WIth Thoughts on Our Culture

Our culture likes to think it's better than other cultures around the world, but I have been questioning it lately.

Yes, it's amazing to live in America where you have the potential to be anything you can. This post is really not about dissing America. I love my country, am proud of the men & women in my circle of family and friends who have fought for our freedoms and put their lives on the line for this country.

But I think our country is failing our families. Families are falling apart left and right. We all live in our own houses separate from family and friends w/ little accountability if we choose to have none. We get so busy that we forget to be a family until it's too late. Everyone is trying to be the best and acheive the "American Dream" forgetting that it takes hard work to acheive it and forgetting to teach their children that.

Other cultures seem to cherish family. Even when families don't get along, there is respect for parents and they still live together, play together and learn to work things out. Our culture seems to forget that family is the root of society. We let others raise our children while we work crazy hours just to be able to make ends meet. It doesn't seem right.

I don't feel like I'm articulating my thoughts very well, tho...

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