Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The One About Responsibility

"Kiddos have feelings.. kiddos have feelings too." This keeps running through my head (sung to "Critters Have Feelings" from Hoodwinked. )

I sometimes see my children as extensions of myself. After all, I'm the one who grew them in my uterus, nourished them at my breast and then continue day after day to care for them. It does often seem like they are mini-me's or "my" creation that I'm molding to become who they are.

It's not the case, tho... they are their own little people w/ their own thoughts, feelings, individuality. They were given these things by God and He entrusted Matt & I to care for and nourish them in every way. He entrusted us to raise them up to be the best they can be. He entrusted us to raise them up in His Word.

This task seems overwhelming when I really think about it. Why did He think I could do this? It's a HUGE responsibility! I'm sure I fail day after day... but He helps me do the best I can.

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