Thursday, March 31, 2011

The One With Gifts

So my husband is incredibly thoughtful! I cannot believe how much thought he put into this gift. He gave me a few bags w/ gifts numbered 1-11. The first gift was a card. Inside it said he was giving me traditional gifts... one for each year.

1. Paper ~ The card.
2. Cotton ~ A beautiful 100% cotton scarf
3. Leather ~ A leather journal
4. Flowers ~ 1 long stem rose
5. Wood ~ A wooden garden tool
6. Candy ~ Godiva Dark Chocolate Truffles. *YUM*
7. Copper ~ A bud vase he made out of copper. Very nice. :)
8. Pottery ~ A planter
9. Willow ~ A willow tree memory box w/ the 'embrace' figurines etched in the front
10. Tin ~ A tin candle holder
11. Steel ~ One of his figurines made specially for me w/ "Nuts About You" written on it.

I'm going to have to take pictures & share later. I have to say I am extremely touched by his thoughtfulness. He put a lot of time into this. <3

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zekesmom10 said...

He just might be a keeper. But give it another decade or so to decide. ;)

Happy anniversary!