Monday, May 23, 2011

The One Where We Need Organization!

Managing the home, managing the children, managing the schooling, managing the household bills, groceries, etc is becoming a task that feels so incredibly overwhelming lately. A task?! Try a bazillion tasks. I actually enjoy going to staff meetings & staffing support groups just to step away from my reality for a few moments and get a breather. Some days I think having a job outside of the home would be lovely. Only problem is... all these things would still be waiting for me so it would actually add to my work load.

One of the books I'm reading is "Homeschooling With a Meek & Quiet Spirit" by Teri Maxwell. It's a pretty good book. One of those books where you can take a lot from, but leave what won't work for your family in it w/out feeling guilty. :) It's a good read so far & is giving me some wonderful ideas. I've decided to purchase both Managers of Their Home & Managers of Their Chores from the Maxwells and see if I can work them into our lives (therefore hopefully making our lives a little less overwhelming and a bit more manageable?? I hope!)

As far as parenting goes, that has been a chore in itself lately! Erich is hitting that awful stage where he has to push the limits as far or further than they can go. I don't like this stage. It's constant discipline, constant redirection and constant frustration (on my part!!) The book suggests making an If/Then chart. I think I'm going to do this. Basically each negative action has a predetermined consequence. So the child knows that if the do 'x' the consequence is 'y'. There's not question about it. No thinking it over for Mom (once it's established). I think that may help Erich especially. Even if he doesn't want them, he NEEDS firmly set boundaries at this point in his life. He's obviously unable to set them for himself and needs to know I'm going to set them and not budge on them.

I'll definitely blog more about how these things are going after we get started on them. :)


jmmac13 said...

I own a book about setting boundaries with kids, but haven't read it yet. It was related to the Boundaries series my life group at church was going through - about how to set boundaries for yourself so that we aren't always so overwhelmed. The series got good reviews. I could lend it to you if you like, but not for a couple weeks since I just packed it the other night!! :)

Just A Mom said...

jmmac13 ~ I've heard of that book. It looks good and is on my 'to read in the future' list. :) Thanks for mentioning it!

zekesmom10 said...

IF you create and if/then chart, THEN I would like to take a look at it. :)