Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Lost One on Discipline

I found this post that I started a year ago and never finished... weird.  :)  It sounds good tho. :P No idea why I didn't finished..

Parenting is a game & you have to be wise enough to figure out the next play. You have to know which battles to pick.  What is the underlying heart reason your child is acting out? Is it truly a heart issue or is there some other reason that your child is acting out? 

My previous post about KT and the bonding time really made me think about these things.  Are are definite times where discipline is needed and warranted.  Times when they need to be removed from the situation.  Having worked with children since I was 12, I've seen so many types of discipline techniques, personalities and parenting ways.  To be honest, before I had children I thought I had it all figured out.  Then I had children and everything *I* knew flew out the window. I realized I needed to seek the Lord more. It's way more than just discipline. 

Too many parents are afraid to discipline these days.  I don't know why, but I see it a lot.  People don't seem to be teaching their children to be respectful.  They drop their kids off at events and wipe their hands clean of them for that hour or two.  Ahh... relief from the children is nice, but in the end your child is your responsibility.  Nobody else has been given the commission from God to raise your children.  

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