Monday, January 20, 2014

The One About Feeling Loved

I've been thinking a lot about Love Languages.  For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about, check out this website. My primary LL is acts of service. Let me tell you, when that fulfilled, it is like all is ok in the world.  This past weekend my husband helped me with the housework while I did my homework.  Then went out of his way to help me immensely while I was at church all day on Sunday. I have to say that my 'love tank' definitely was filled by his actions.

One of my daughter's love language is gifts.  She is always making things for me or others.  When I unexpectedly chipped in some $ towards some items for her American Girl doll she was elated! 

One of my son's love language is acts of service.  This he demonstrates by performing acts of service for anyone anywhere.  He's a very helpful child and beams when we do things for him. 

My other daughter is most definitely quality time with a close physical touch.  She's always wanting to be with me.  Snuggling, stroking my hair, giving me kisses. 

I have struggled with finding the love languages of my other two sons.  I *think* one is quality time as well.  He seems to get a boost of confidence when he gets that quality time, especially with Dad.  My oldest son, I'm not sure of.  He's so even keeled that I struggle with reading what makes him feel more special. 

I have found that when the children's love languages are being fulfilled, their actions are better.  "People who feel bad, act bad."  The opposite rings true: "People who feel good, behave well." 

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