Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The One About Judgmental Moms

     I have read a few articles and participated in a couple of conversations lately about how mothers tend to be critical of each other.  Mothers often judge each other based on their status. Does she work outside of the home or stay at home? Are her children well behaved or naughty?  Does she loose her temper easily or appear to be patient?  The list could go on and on.... but you get my point.

     A friend mentioned that often when a Mom is being judgmental it is because she is feeling insecure herself. I started to think about this more and realized how true that statement was.  If I look back over my years as a Mom (Almost 13!!),the times I felt most insecure about how I was and the times I was struggling the most in my personal life are the time I spent judging other Moms. Yes, I once thought every good Christian Mom would homeschool their children.  WHY would they send them out into the world at such a young age?!  Or every good Mom would stay home with her children. WHY would she dare go back to work?! 

     Over the years I've realized what a disservice I did to them (though I never uttered a word of judgment to them) and to myself with my judgmental attitude.  Moms need to band together, encourage one another in the walks they have chosen and build one another up.  I think that if we were able to do that, we would feel less lonely.  We would feel less vulnerable and become better Moms, wives and friends. 

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