Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The One About Being a Mom and a College Student

I spent most of the afternoon in bed... my favorite place to do homework since I was a kid.  Around 7:30 this evening, my youngest joined me with a few of her favorite books. I read them to her, then hunkered down with my laptop and worked on an essay as she snuggled on my chest and worked on reading the books herself.  It's 4 hours since that little munchkin and the others have been tucked in.  I finished my homework and started to relax for a bit. I looked over to my husband's side of the bed and saw this:

If I were to take a picture of the rest of the bed, you'd see freshly folded shirts and the dishes from my dinner... That pretty much sums up the life of a college student/mom.  We juggle everything that Moms juggle and the things college students juggle (except those sharing our 'dorm' are often young children who leave sticky fingerprints on our papers and extra highlighting in our books.)

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