Saturday, February 7, 2009

The One About Growth

Growth... there has been so much of it going on in our family lately.

The obvious one is Alyssa. She's now in all 3-6 and 6-9 clothing. I'm amazed at how well the 6-9's fit already!! I also had to unsnap the first snap on the Bumgenius 3.0. *sigh* She's reaching for toys (that just started in the past 2 days!!), she's rolling from back or belly to side, but not quite all the way yet. She's laughing and giggling and taking naps on her own. She's growing so much!!

Sammy outgrew his 2T's and is now in 3's and 4's. He's learning to go on the potty and learning that he is an independent being. (which drives me nuts somedays!!)

The older three are all growing and learning daily. Beth's reading has gotten so much better and James' is exploding out of no where. James' ability to process numbers in his head amazes me. Levi is turning into a goofy/joking 8 y/o.

Then there's Matt & I. I have to say that we're doing a ton of growing lately. We're learning to better manage our finances, we're planning and dreaming for the future. We're making huge decisions (like buying land) w/out consulting our parents for their advice first... we're just really growing a lot. We are very excited to have started Financial Peace University! We're getting a hold of our finances big time. By the end of Feb we will have only 1 credit card, our mortgage and our land payments for debt! We'll have our emergency fund put in place as well. I can't tell you how exciting that is. But one of the biggest things is that all our cash flow is ON PAPER. I won't have to spend every day worrying and wondering if we should spend that "x" amount on "x".... I'll know that yes it's possible or no, let's wait for next month. It's really freeing to have all our expenses on paper.

Well, my growing, exploring 2 y/o is trying to take apart the carbon dioxide detector so I'm off...

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