Monday, February 23, 2009

The One About Money

Today we finished school before 9:30! What a shock. Then the mail came and in it was our Dave Ramsey Kids Kit. THe kids were so excited about it. We listened to the CD and then talked about it a bit... especially about the importance of giving (which, surprisingly, wasn't highlighted in the CD or the book.) Then they each made their own envelopes. One for giving, one for saving and one for spending. They also decided that they wanted to make a "saving for spending" jar... a jar that they put a little extra in each week to save up for that "big" item they want. I'm so excited about this and about sharing the things that Matt & I have been learning with the children. I hope that this will help them to learn to manage their money wisely from a young age & not to get upside down in debt ever.

Speaking of that.... we are clawing our way out of debt. We paid off one credit card and my last student loan this week!! YAY!! We also decided to for-go buying the land. This was a very, very difficult decision, but after much prayer and discussion we felt strongly that we needed to honor the Lord and do what we really felt He was saying to do even if we really wanted to buy that land. So instead of the land we're paying off 1/2 of the last credit card as well as putting some $$ aside "for a rainy day". It's exciting to think that by the end of this year we very well could be debt free except our mortgage. What a huge blessing that would be!!!

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wimama05 said...

Way to go mama~!!! I hope we get there one day soon.