Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The One About Productive Days & School Stuff

I love days like this. School was done by 9:05, dishes done, laundry in process, dinner planned, 2 of the children's chores are done and one is working on his. 2 children bathed... and it's only 10 am!! Gotta love it!

Alyssa is napping peacefully right now. She has been doing better at night... I just had to move her out of my bed... she now sleeps for 2-3 hr stretches rather than 45-90 MINUTE stretches. I am hopeful that it will just get better and better. :)

MAJOR breakthrough in school today. James said, " Mom, reading doesn't really seem like school work to me. It's just something you do." YAY!!!!!!! That's HUGE coming from the child who fought and fought w/ me about learning to read earlier in the year.

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