Monday, September 28, 2009

The One About Joy

It seems the more I attempt to rid myself of negativity the more I notice it in my life. It's something I've been working on for about a month now and TBH, I FEEL more negative than I did before lately. I'm discouraged about the house, I'm discouraged about the market prospects in VT, I'm discouraged that none of this happened before school started or before hubby started working over in VT. I'm discouraged that no matter how hard I try I cannot accomplish all I want to accomplish. I'm discouraged because there are things in my life I want to do for *ME* but I'm finding them difficult or almost impossible to set into reality. I'm discouraged with my weight and over all appearance as this is an ongoing battle for me since having babies. I'm discouraged. I'm tired. I'm beat down. I'm worn out. I'm ready for a change.

How's that for negativity? I know the Lord is telling me to work on it. The girls in my Biblical Virtues class & I were discussing joy and how we are to have joy in good times and in bad, when we're happy and when we're discouraged... at all times. I feel hypocritical to teach those things and struggle so much with it myself.

So here's to Joy! What you focus on is what you get more of, correct? So the focus for this week will be joy! The joy of the Lord which surpasses understanding... it's my strength. (yes, I know it's supposed to be the peace of the Lord surpasses all understanding, but I figure joy does too... especially during stressful times.)

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Rachael said...

I'm with you. I need to work on this too. Here's to joy!