Sunday, September 6, 2009

The One With A Lot of Randomness

So I haven't been blogging here because I thought I'd try out a new blog... but I'm having a difficult time getting that one to be exactly what I want... I'm SO not computer savvy and that blog is pretty much for computer savvy people. ;)

ANYWAY... we've been having a great time this week!! Matt has been off work so we've been hanging out and enjoying ourselves. We went to Maine for a day, Matt took the older 2 boys camping, We did nature walks, went to the fair & the kiddos got to take a break from schooling so we could just relax and spend time together.

I had mastitis about a month ago and unfortunately I feel it coming back. *sigh* I wonder why this is happening now at 10 mos! Pretty crazy. And no fun.

I was really bothered in church today. There were a group of 8/9/10 year old girls who were running around during the service & being loud. That happens a lot at our church... but what bothered me is one of their moms yelled at her DD to put her shoes on... right in the middle of the worship time! :O I was shocked. Who yells at their kid in the middle of worship? And loud enough for us ( sitting a good 9 + rows back) to hear?! Craziness.

We're having a Labor Day picnic here tomorrow. I hope I feel well enough. I hate this achey yucky feeling. Hopefully it won't get as bad as last time.

I'm trying to decide when to start my studies.... I have too many options, yet not enough options. I can't wait tho!

How's that for randomness??

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