Saturday, September 12, 2009

The One About Being Busy

I was able to counteract the mastitis I felt coming on with a mixture of echinacea, vit C, water & rest. Woohooo!! I'm so glad I skipped having that again.

The kids have a busy/full fall coming up. They are doing 3rd, 2nd & 1st grade this year. They are in a local homeschool group and have lots of fun classes and field trips on Friday. They are in piano lessons on Tuesdays and Royal Rangers/Mpact Girls on Tuesday evenings. It sounds like a very full fall schedule!! I'd like to add a sport in there, but I'm pretty sure there is no extra time with all that, chores, & being a kid. :) All very important... especially w/ us in the process of selling & hopefully moving soon. Erich is even doing the homeschool group and Royal Rangers. He's not doing piano lessons or much schooling... he is only 3!

I also have a full schedule... not only am I overseeing all that the kids are doing, I teach in the homeschool group. I also started midwifery school & am really the person behind making sure the house is in tip top shape 99% of the time. Yah... busy life, but I'm realizing that I enjoy this kind of business much more than boredom. I'm sure once the winter hits things will settle down a bit....

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