Thursday, December 10, 2009

The One About a Craft Day & a Snow Day

NOTE: I fiddled with this stupid thing for 1/2 hr now and it's still uploading my photos wrong and deleting them and not letting me put them where I want them... so please excuse the jumbled photos and disorganized look, but I don't want to deal w/ it anymore. I have other things to waste my time with like dinner and kids.

We've had a busy week here! On Monday the cousins came over for a craft day. We made a craft (that is a secret right now) and decorated cookies. Here's a picture of almost all of the cousins together... and one of Katie upset because I wouldn't give her more gingerbread cookies!
I took more pictures than theses, but because blogger is giving me troubles, this is all I could upload to the site. We had fun & you could hardly tell there were 9 kids all 8 and under in the house!

Then, just a few days later, we got our first real snowfall of the season. Of course we all had to bundle up and spend hours outside playing in it. Michael, Nathan & I got into a big snowball fight. Then Nathan, Karah & Erich enjoyed building a couple of snowmen. It was a lot of fun... and a bit chilly!

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Rachael said...

Now that is a house full of children! I love love love that picture of KT. So adorable. Looks like you had fun.