Monday, December 21, 2009

The One About My Daughter, the Entertainer

I really wish I had a picture to go with this story.

We went caroling last night & one of the places we go to is a nursing home. We all (about 36 of us) pile into their living room and sing in front of the tree. It's a lot of fun. This was the first year for Katie and at first she was shy. But then she started to get into the music. She was in my sling and started dancing in the sling. That got everyone laughing. Then she noticed that we were all holding books and she desperately wanted one and screamed until she got one. ;) Yes, I gave in! The funniest thing is, that right after she got a book, she had it open to a song and was looking at it. She started to sing w/ us! Not words, of course, but opening her mouth and making singing noises. Then we got to "Gloooooria" and she looked at us and started forming a perfect "o" w/ her mouth and singing the "o" parts to Gloria. The whole room was cracking up and I have to admit, she was pretty entertaining! I think she's the first child in our family to sing so early!

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Rachael said...

That is too funny. She is so vocal! What a sweetie.