Saturday, December 5, 2009

The One With the Christmas Tree

We decided to get a real Christmas tree this year. Not only to get a real one, but to go pick one out, cut it down, bring it home, trim it & then decorate it. So this morning that's what we did. We went to a local tree farm and as we were browsing through various trees the lady who co-owned the place came to us and told us of a patch of trees out in the middle of the woods (only a few minutes walk) where we could find white spruce. I was hoping for blue spruce, but those weren't the prettiest, so we decided to walk and see what we could find. We ended up finding a nice big one & then came the issue of how to get it out of the woods, back through the fields and up the hill to the car. Matt decided to take it upon himself, so he literally threw it on his back and walked down the road with it. It was hilarious to see! It looked like a tree with legs.... you could see nothing except the tree & his legs. He even did a little jig for us. ;) We got the tree back to where he could drive the car to get it & then he set it down... I think he deserves a back rub tonight for that!

After the tree cutting they served hot chocolate & cookies for the kids.

We got the tree home and trimmed a little over a ft from the bottom of it and put it up in the
living room. Then came the fun of the lights and ornaments. The kids put a TON of ornaments on it all in the same places, so after they go to bed tonight, I'll rearrange them. :)

I forgot my camera when we went to the tree farm. I'm bummed because Matt & the tree would have been a GREAT picture... but here are some from right after we got home (kids w/ traces of cookies and hot chocolate on their faces) & the tree... fun stuff!

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