Monday, April 19, 2010

The One With Open & Closed Doors.

I don't know if God literally opens and closes doors... but yesterday it sure seemed that way to us.

We planned to go to 3 houses yesterday and were praying that we would get a clear answer on whether we should make an offer on one. The first house we visited we didn't think we'd like, but decided to weigh all our options. We loved it... When we arrived the couple who owns it was just leaving. They were an older couple who have lived there for about 40+/- years and raised their family there. The husband is on oxygen and she had to help him into the truck, so it doesn't look like he's well. They were both friendly & got big smiles on their faces when they saw all the kids. The wife said "I lit a nice fire for you in kitchen" and she had. It was so cozy in there. They obviously took great care of the house, but it is too much house for them now, so they are selling it. The house needs some updating, but it is so nice! It has so much character & definitely fits us. But we had been to the second house before and knew that we loved the land. We planned to go inside, check out the house & make a decision (we nixed the third house after we saw exactly where it was located)

We arrived at the second house and were in awe, as usual, of the land. Tho we both noticed that we hated the drive & wondered how it would be in the winter or late at night. We arrived in the pouring cold rain. Our realtor had just updated her keys (they are computerized these days. lol) And no matter what she did the door wouldn't open. So we all left w/ the plan to come back after she figured it out. We came back to the house & the key STILL wouldn't work. We have been in the house before. It's a doublewide on a full foundation. We just thought that getting back inside would give us a good feel of whether it fit us or not.

So we left and decided to drive by the first house one more time. As we were 1/2 way between the houses Matt and I looked at each other and said "Do you think God would literally close a door?" at the same time! LOL! We hadn't even been talking about that...

We came home discussed it all out and decided to place an offer on the first house. We'll see how it goes from here... but the offer will be made tonight and then it's a waiting game. If it doesn't work out we'll just keep looking :)

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Wendi said...

I am so excited for you :-)