Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The One With the Move

Well, the end of our home selling saga comes to an end as of tomorrow at 4:30 pm (probably a wee bit later than 4:30... but that's when the end begins. ;) ) Our closing has finally arrive and I'm thrilled!!

We moved into my parents home a few weekends ago. The rental isn't quite done yet... just a few things left to do before we get the OK to actually move in. However, all of my stuff is there (or in storage). I've already unpacked the kitchen and have gotten most of the boxes put into the right rooms. I unpacked a bit in the living room and clothes. We're so close to being moved in. I can't wait! Every day that I've been over here at the house I've gone for a traips in the woods w/ the children. We've found all kinds of fun nature things, heard lots of different birds & found lots of deer markings. The kids are really enjoying this and so am I. I am so glad we chose to move back here.

No news on the home buying front. Frankly, I don't even want to THINK about moving again anytime soon. It was a huge ordeal... We have two homes that we are interested in, but we're not pushing anything right now. I'm too tired to care at the moment.

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