Monday, August 9, 2010

The Accomplished One

I feel so accomplished today. We had our first day of school today and we completed it all in good time. Like I mentioned previously, we're trying something new this year & going w/ Oak Meadow. By the time we finished the first day the kids said "It didn't even feel like school, Mom." Lots of drawing along w/ the writing and reading and math... they really enjoyed it. Nathan's science lesson was about how the earth revolves around the sun and instead of just reading it we had a ball and a lamp and did a whole blurb w/ the ball & lamp. It was fun and he really learned a lot from it. I'm still a little concerned that they won't be getting enough academics or that I won't be able to keep up w/ all 3... but I thin kit'll work out. I even have a few minutes to work with Erich who was happy to do so because he got to help me light his special candle to have on while we worked together.

On top of schooling I've done 3 loads of laundry, dishes, floors, painting w/ the kids, outside play, bills paid, budget worked out, started a grocery list & planned dinner for tonight. (Still need to make a menu for the week).

Now I brewed a pot of decaff and am sitting down to relax for a few minutes before making dinner. I do love a good accomplished day.

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