Sunday, August 1, 2010

The One With a Summer Cold

What is up with summer colds? I think it should be impossible to get sick in the summertime. I don't remember being sick in the summer when I was a kid. Perhaps I was a few times, but not that I can recall.

We had VBS the week of July 19th and ever since then we've been fighting a cold. Usually in the winter we get something every time we go to church and/or Friday school. It drives me bonkers.

Some people have a stomach bug too... I thought perhaps Nathan had it becuase he did throw up once on Friday morning. The rest of the day he was fine, tho... eating, playing, running around. Matt tends to get really sick if he gets overtired & Nathan was overtired, so I wonder if he gets the same thing.

I'm making a big pot of chicken soup today. I put in a whole onion and a whole garlic bulb. I'm hoping it'll help.

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