Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Florida Vacation One... Day one

This morning we hit the road by about 7:30.  An hour and a half later than originally planned, but I guess we were in vacation mode already and dilly-dallied a little. 

We hopped in the car with the kiddos strapped in and Nobody along for the ride.  It rained/poured the whole time.  There was rarely a break without rain.  We skirted around NYC and Philadelphia, but there was no way to avoid Baltimore/DC.  We ended up hitting Baltimore at rush hour... Oops! And then DC was next.

We have been relying on Guinevere... our trusty GPS system... for a  few years now.  Usually she does just fine, but I typically consult with a map as well.  When we got near DC I peeked at the map and thought Guinevere was steering us safely around the outskirts of DC.  Much to our surprise, she steered us smack through DC.  We got to see a part of the White House, so that's cool! And it took us off of interstate driving for a few... But it did add an hour to our time.  We finally arrived in Williamsburg at 9:40... 14 hrs and 10 minutes after we left home.

I have to brag on my amazing kids. They must have large bladders and the patience of saints.  They did not leave the car for 12 hrs!  We stopped for gas once, but only Matt got out of the car.  No squabbles or complaints!  I was pretty impressed with my offspring and made sure to let them know that!! Despite what the following picture shows, they were in great moods and did awesome!  Looking forward to tomorrow....

Editing to add.... Everything from Southern, PA on is GREEN!!  It's beautiful... leaves on the trees, buds blooming... LOVE it. 

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