Thursday, May 1, 2014

The One with the Trip to Florida... Day 2.

The morning came early (ish).  KT and Erich always wake up by about 6:15 and today was no exception. They ended up waking most of us, but we managed to be lazy until about 8.  We were headed to Historic Jamestowne when we drove through Colonial Williamsburg.  We decided to stop there instead and wandered around for a little over an hour.  The weather was gorgeous and we enjoyed seeing the sites. 
Somehow I managed to get quite a few pictures of Nathan... and very few of the other children.

Nathan really liked this tree...
And the gardens are blooming beautifully down here!!  
After Williamsburg we hopped back in the car and headed south.  Nothing exciting happened along the way.  We arrived at the hotel in good time. One look at that hotel had us high tailing it out of there!  Stains on the bedding, broken beer bottle outside of the door, no shower curtain... I could go on.  But there was no way we would stay there.  So we hopped back in the car and headed another 45 minutes South.  This hotel is much better, thankfully!!  At least we are 45 minutes closer to our final destination!  And we had fun in the car anyway... singing and laughing.  I have a pretty awesome chauffer...
One more thing... when we arrived at our second hotel tonight, we saw this tree... KT insisted it was fake.  It doesn't look like any trees near us!

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