Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The One About Evenings...

What's with evenings being the "witching hour"?? I mean, seriously! We can have a great day and then when it hits about 4-5 pm things all go crazy. Mom gets in a bad moods, kids act out, baby fusses, Dad gets home to the mayhem and thinks it's just like that all day. (I'm still working on convincing him it really isn't!!!) Thank God for slings... at least that does help to calm the baby a little....

Tonight Matt is working late, so maybe it's hitting me harder than usual. Alyssa has been crying for about 45 minutes. Nursing didn't work, rocking didn't work, swing didn't work, burping didn't work (tho it did work up some spit up which was very smelly which means the dairy DOES bother her. WHY do I keep thinking it won't and it's something else?! :/ ) Finally popped her in the sling and she's acting happy as can be! LOL! WHY is that always the last resort... it's probably be more peaceful if it was the FIRST thing I tried.

Over all though I'm feeling good lately. I am SO THRILLED that the PPD has stayed away thus far. I'm hoping and praying it does... and that I just won't have to deal with it EVER again.

Oh... baby wants me to start moving again. *sigh* At least the others are content despite the fact that they havn't eaten yet.

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