Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The One With The Hurt Arm

Last night I was making dinner & talking on the phone when James (6 y/o) came running out of the boys room saying that Sammy (2 y/o) was hurt. I went in to see what was up and Sammy was laying on the top bunk crying. He wouldn't use his left arm. I sat up there w/ him and he calmed down, but still refused to use it. James said they were playing rescue. James was falling down the mountain (i.e. slide) and Sammy was rescuing him. During the rescue they heard a pop and Sammy started screaming.

Matt got home and said he figured he was ok... just popped his elbow out and it popped back in. He didn't deem it necessary to bring Sammy to the ER. Sammy didn't sleep very well last night and this morning he is still not using his arm. I tried to get him to a couple of times, but he just cried. So we're off to the Drs office around 11 this morning. I'm hoping it's no big deal & something that will heal easily & quickly.

UPDATE: He dislocated his elbow... poor little man. The Dr popped it back in and he's feeling better already! yay!!

Matt & I have always said that if one of the kids made us end up in the ER or Drs office for an injury it would be Sammy... and yep! He's the first one that has made us go in for an injury.

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Rachael said...

OH NO! Poor guy. Hope he feels better soon.