Monday, March 9, 2009

Another One About Sleep

Alyssa has been SLEEPING lately! Yay! She had been getitng up every 45 - 90 minutes and that was TOO MUCH. I felt like I nursed all day and all night and it was getting to be hard on me. I felt so touched out. I know some Moms can handle it... but I'm an introvert and one who doesn't like being touched all the time... even by my own child. Anyway... I decided to start putting her in her own bed at night and see how that went. She started to sleep 2-3 hrs at a time!! Yay!! Then it got up to about 4 hrs at a time. Then last night & the night before she only woke up once. Sat night it was after 5 hrs of sleep... last night it was after 7!!! I even peeked over the edge of her bed and felt her breathing to make sure she was ok. (Yes I still do that after 5 kids! lol!! )

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