Monday, March 30, 2009

The One Back To Reality....

Matt and I had a wonderful anniversary weekend. We went to antique shops and ate out... I did no cooking except to make coffee Sunday morning. We also did some clothes shopping for the kids... which is MUCH easier w/out the kids. We came home and relaxed and just enjoyed being 'us' again for a few days. (With Alyssa in tow of course!!) It was awesome to have quiet conversations that were uninterrupted and snuggle time that was uninterrupted. It was nice to decide when we wanted to do things w/out having to take kids into consideration. :)

Now it's back to reality and boy is it reality. THe kiddos are all fighting and complaining about everything. They are overtired from staying up late at Grandma's. No big deal... it's just a nice dose of reality. LOL!

So this week I want to get the boys room cleaned out and organized & do a bunch of spring cleaning/de-cluttering/organizing throughout the house. I did it to the kitchen a few weeks ago and it's been great!! I love how clean and homey it feels.

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