Monday, March 23, 2009

The One With The New Toys

So this weekend Matt & I went out to get yellow food coloring and tape and we came home with a brand new washer and dryer set and no food coloring or tape. LOL!

We always use our tax refund to pay off debt plust get one big purchase item... this year we were debating between a washer/dryer, a new vacuum, or a new couch. We decided the couch was out because we still have quite a few years left of children destroying the couches. So while we were in town we were going to price the vacuums and the washer/dryer. We couldn't decide on a vacuum... I really like the dysons, but they are SO expensive for a vacuum... And ours is still sort of working. I was going to get the Bissells Healthy Home one, but it's super heavy and the reviews were mixed OL. So... we started looking at washer/dryer sets and I was hesitant because they are spendy. I knew I wanted a front loading one. Lowes had a set on sale for $1600, so we went to the bank to take some cash out. On the way back we decided to go to one more store to check it out... and found a set for $1600, but with $400 worth of rebates & free Tide & Bounce for a year!!! So we paid cash on the spot and Matt's boss met us w/ his truck to help us get them home. Matt hooked them up and I used them right away. I L-O-V-E them!! They are energy star, use only 10 gal of water (compared to my top-loading that used 40+ gal/water) and are ssooooo quiet. They work SO well too... made me realize how my washer wasn't doing as good a job as I thought.... :/

Only a Mom can get excited about these things, huh? LOL!

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wimama05 said...

Awesome! Love new 'toys'