Thursday, July 9, 2009

More About Dieting

I think that one of my biggest struggles with loosing weight is emotional/stress eating. I'm not even sure why I do it, which is what makes it more difficult to control. I KNOW that food will never 'cure' whatever it is I'm struggling with or stressing out about, but it's as tho logic flies out of my brain when it comes to this.

Weight was never even a thought on my mind in my teen years and even in my first year of marriage... until I had my first baby. Since then it's always on my mind and a constant battle that I have yet to overcome even once since I started having children.

And the stress eating is the hardest because I don't care in the moment... but then I feel guilty, which makes me want to eat more, which makes me feel guilty... It's all a vicious cycle that needs to end, but I'm not exactly sure how to make it end.

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