Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The 100th Post!

I don't have any deep insights or amazing stories to tell for my 100th post... but I thought I'd mention it was #100 anyway :)

The children got to learn about spiders and how they catch, trap and eat flies first hand tonight. I was sitting on the living room floor feeding Alyssa when I heard a fly that wouldn't stop buzzing. Beth came over and looked and said "Oh... there's a fly sitting on a white thing on the spider web." Well, that started a frenzy of kids running to see what was going on. So I explained how the spider web works and how the spider was saving the fly for later so she could eat it. IT was interesting to see the spider pull the fly all the way to the top of the web, just out of sight when she was done spinning. I had never seen that before....

We've been at VBS Sun, Mon & Tues of this week. The children learned so much and my heart soars as I hear them praise the Lord with the songs they learned. I love to hear them talk about how "awesome God is" and the amazing things He does. I love to hear them say how He helps them on a day to day basis, even when they are sad or upset about something. <3 I love it when a church or people outside of our immediate little family reinforce the things we try to teach them here at home. <3

School is just around the corner!! Truly, for a homeschooler, school is never really done or starting... it just is. We've continued w/ reading throughout the summer and have gotten educational math books out of the library... we learned about science by watching the spider or taking nature walks... school is so much more than book learning and all the homeschoolers I know understand this and take full adventage of all learning possibilities. BUT... School/School is just around the corner. I have all but 2 of my books... I just had to log them now. I'm planning to even do some preschool stuff with Sammy (who just turned 3). He's a bright boy and I think he could at least learn to write his name... :) He knows shapes and colors already, so I guess we'll go a bit beyond that.

Alyssa is calling... is about that time of evening. She wants me to snuggle her down for the night. :)

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