Thursday, July 9, 2009

New Happenings

  • Rachael was here. :) It's always nice to visit and get out of the house almost alone! I joked w/ my sister and said I only had to bring 1/6th of my work with me. (Just the baby!)
  • We had another house showing yesterday (Wednesday). No feedback yet... I have to call or email my realtor tomorrow anyway, so I'll ask if she heard anything yet.
  • Hubby is really struggling w/ his job right now. :( I wish I could do something to help him. His boss is a pretty moody guy, so it's hard to know from one day to the next how he's really feeling. Today he straight out lied to Matt and Matt knows it, but doesn't want to confront him. I think he should... (But I wouldn't because I'm not assertive enough.)
  • I'm really tired and grumpy lately. Not sure what's going on with me... probably just normal stuff, but I'm getting annoyed with myself.
  • My herbs are doing well... yay! Tho there is still something nibbling my basil. grrr..
  • Oops... Sammy is asking for a 'cuppa'. gotta run.

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