Monday, November 23, 2009

Another Rambly One

It's Monday! It's a new week... Thanksgiving week to be exact! I'm excited because this week my brother, who is in college, is coming over for a few nights!! And Matt gets Thursday & Friday off work! It will be good to spend that time together.

We were unexpectedly blessed this week... I got the electric bill to find that we had overpaid and owe nothing until mid-January!! Yay!

Today I clean and get ready for Siah's visit. Hoping for no showings this week. Matt & I are debating renewing our contract when it's up in Feb/March. This is a lot of stress... and the area we want to move to is expensive for housing. We could put an addition on our home for less than a new mortgage would be in VT. But the drive. And the schools... etc. It's hard to decide waht to do... We're just waiting to see what happens at this point. We are still under contract w/ our realtor and won't pay to break that, so if it sells before the contract is up then we'll move. If it doesn't we may just stay put and put an addition on... It's crazy not to have a clear direction... kinda drives me a bit batty at times.

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M said...

Becca...things will turn out the way they should in the end. Give your concerns away..He will take them on.