Thursday, January 28, 2010

The One With Continued Observations

After I posted yesterday Erich started having a headache & a sore throat. He may have had a low grade fever, but as fevers aren't high on my list to check /cure I didn't take his temp. I gave him a few extra doses of the elderberry syrup and popped in a movie to ensure that he rested. He did. He slept for hours in the late morning and then again in the late afternoon. He woke up fine, ate a great dinner and then proceeded to stay up til 9. LOL! He slept fine all night and is bouncing around like nothing ever happened today.

Katie STILL has a runny nose. She slept all night last night tho! Yay!

The boys are still coughing and sniffling. No signs of anything else yet.

Matt reported a sniffle.... and I have a slight sore throat. Due to the elderberry syrup being almost gone I'm saving it for the children and I'm just taking extra doses of Vit. C and echinacea. Plus tea... I love tea, so ginger tea and chamomile tea are high on my list to drink today.

In other news: I filed my taxes last night. I somehow messed up both of the girl's s.s. numbers. I have no idea how that was possible when I had the cards RIGHT in front of me and I thought I'd double checked it. DOH!! So needless to say the Federal government rejected it. I corrected it and e-filed again. Hoping it goes through this time. I love e-filing! Imagine how long it would have taken to come back and then be corrected & sent back through the mail?! This took less than 12 hrs! It looks like we're getting back enough to pay off all our debt except our house! Praise the Lord!! This has been a goal for us: to be debt free (except our home) at 30. It looks like it'll happen!! woohooo!!

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