Monday, January 25, 2010

The One With Decisions

"Should we stay or should we go now?" You know that annoying commercial w/ the lady sniffling/sneezing & the song "Should I stay or should I go now?" is running in the background? Anyway... that song is playing around in my head today.

We are feeling sooo directionless (is that even a word?!) There are definitely more pros to moving to VT than to staying in NY. The pros to staying in NY are 99% monetary, but when you look at the amount of gas we're spending because we live in NY and our lives are in VT we realized we could be spending at least $160 less each month on gas just by moving to VT. So last night, as we drove that long drive home at 9 pm, we hashed it out. We listed the pros of staying here, the pros of going, the cons of each... and still didn't come up w/ a concrete decision. It's so hard to know: do we continue to pursue selling? Do we renew our contract w/ our realtor at the end of next month? Do we give up the idea, build on an addition and stay put?

I keep praying for a sheepskin... an obvious sign of what to do!

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Soaring Eagle said...

I am praying that you will know for sure what to do. That God will give you a clear sign.