Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The One With Observations on Illness

Here's the rundown of this week... I find this interesting, so I'm posting it.

Friday ~ Exposed to a child I thought may be sick.
Saturday morning ~ Gave Karah & Erich 1 tspn each of elderberry syrup. Gave Michael & Nathan 2 tspn of elderberry syrup each. (This is what is recommended on the bottle for their ages) Gave Katie nothing. Matt & I each took 2 tspns as well.
Sunday morning ~ Repeat of the day before.
Monday morning ~ Repeat of Saturday.
Monday later morning ~ Katie has a low grade fever and over-all fussiness.
Monday afternoon ~ Karah now has a low grade fever and tiredness.
(I left the fevers alone. No tylenol)
Monday evening ~ Katie now has a very stuffy nose accompanied by the fever. Karah still have a fever. Karah threw up (tho I think this was related to falling asleep and then being awakened fast) She ate/drank fine.
Monday Night ~ Katie up A LOT. Fever ranged from 99.7-101.7 Karah slept all night. Erich woke up with a high fever and fever nightmares. I gave tylenol to Katie as she seemed to be in pain, but none to the others.
Throughout Monday I gave Karah doses of 1 tspn elderberry 3 times. I gave katie 1/2 doses twice, but she wouldn't take it more. I gave the boys regular doses twice.
Tuesday morning ~ Karah woke up feeling better. Still tired, but no fever and barely any runny nose. Erich woke up fine. Katie woke up exhausted and with a majorly runny nose and runny eyes. Boys woke up coughing a bit.
Tuesday ~ No fevers in anyone. Continued elderberry dosage twice/day for all kiddos.
Tuesday night ~ No fevers in anyway, everyone went to bed fine. Katie still has lots of congestion in her nose, but it's clear and coming out. She woke up twice.
Wednesday morning ~ Boys coughing/sneezing a bit. Karah & Erich 100% fine. Katie still has a bit of a runny nose, but it's much better than previous day.

So far Matt & I have nothing more than a little extra mucous in the nose.

The reason I find all this interesting is because the children who have the highest dosage of elderberry never got the fever and exhaustion... just a bit of a runny nose. The children with the medium amount of elderberry ended up w/ fevers, but got over it quickly. The child who wasn't taking the elderberry until she got sick and then only took a little bit of it has stayed sick the longest.

Perhaps the elderberry works? FWIW ~ I say elderberry, but it's a syrup that is made of elderberry, echinacea & propolus. The adult one has Vit. C in it as well. (The boys have been getting 1/2 doses of the adult one since yesterday as I was almost out of the kids one and wanted to make sure Katie & Erich got that one)

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Dawna said...

I love that Elderberry! My excitement quickly turned to saddness when I found that my berry tree behind our shed was nothing more than a useless hackberry tree.