Sunday, June 6, 2010

The One on Failing

Failing. I've been thinking about this a lot late. I fail daily in my walk as a mother by not giving my children 100%. I fail daily in my walk as a wife by not giving my husband all that he needs from me. I failed as a college student. Not failing as in poor academics, but by not finishing my degree I failed by default. I fail as a child of God daily. I know you cannot truly fail God unless you renounce Him, but I definitely fail daily at giving Him my all. I fail daily at my diet. I fail daily at my exercise. I fail daily at using my time wisely... I fail.

This isn't a depressed post, I promise. Just an observation.

I fail. But I find that through failure comes growth. If I never failed I'd never strive to do better. If I never failed, I'd never be truly grateful for the times I do not fail.

How many times did Einstein fail before becoming one of the most famous inventors of all time? How many times did the Apostle Paul mention he felt like a failure? Only a few, but if he wrote about it I'm sure he felt that way more than those few times. The Psalms are riddled with feelings of failure.

Failure isn't failing... I think it's how we handle our failures that show who we truly are.


M said...

Becca....I disagree with you. We all do what we can do, day by day. We cannot physically, give 100 percent to everything and everyone EVERY SINGLE DAY. At the end of the day, we must say to ourselves (especially on the hard days) that we cannot do it all, individually, at 100 %. It is not possible. If I can honestly say, I did the best as I can, in every situation, then it is time to rest. It is time to rest and gain strength for tomorrow. (( ))

Living With A Handful said...

I see what you are saying, but I know for myself, personally, I do not give as much as I can every single day.

I know I spend more time on the computer that I could be devouting to the house, the children or my husband. The computer is lazy time for me and while lazy time is good, it can get to be a bit too much. So in that way, I do fail most days...

zekesmom10 said...

Becca, let's fail together. Then tomorrow we can pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and start over.