Saturday, July 10, 2010

The One About My New Home

Ok, it's not 'mine' yet, but if all goes well it will be by mid-week next week. Only 5 days!!

I'm actually really excited about this house and I feel funny telling people that. It is, after all, just a house. It is, after all, right in town (which I said I wouldn't do again) and only on .25 acre (again, which I said I wouldn't do.) However... I LOVE this home. Let me describe it to you in my thoughts...

You walk through the front door into a small mud room with a ceramic tile floor. I plan to put a bench in this mud room w/ storage under for boots, etc. Then you walk through another door and see the living room to your left, the door to the garage to your right, the dining room right in front of you and the open staircase going upstairs to your front/right (if that makes ANY sense at all. ) The living room has wood flooring and two windows in the front. I'm excited about decorating the living room, tho I need new furniture so it'll be a while before I get it to what I want exactly.

Instead of turning left into the living room you walk into the dining room and turn left. Now you can see the kitchen. It's a galley kitchen, which I've been told has it's plus and minuses. I'm looking forward to having more counter space and cupboards as well as a gas stove! I love cooking w/ gas. :)

To the left of the kitchen is a 1/4 bathroom and right across from that is the staircase leading to a full & dry basement! We plan to build a playroom down there for the children. The laundry room is down there as well. :)

So now you walk through the dining room and find the staircase and head upstairs. At the top of the stairs you turn a 180 and are in an open room. This is the office area currently. There is a countertop that they used as a desk in this room. The room is pretty bright & open because there are windows on either side. To the left of this room is the master bedroom. There are wood floors in the open room & the master bedroom. Right now the walls in the bedroom as sponge painted a dark grey blue. ICK!! There is a giant closet in this room which will start out as my scrapping/sewing area and will be changed into a master bathroom as time & $ allow.

To the right of the room at the top of the stairs is a hallway. There is a bedroom on the right down the hallway and then 2 on the left. At the end of the hallway there is a full bath. All the bedrooms and the hall have a light teal carpet which will be changed as soon as the children are old enough to not destroy it. :) The boys will be in one room and the girls in another. The fourth bedroom is undecided. I have ideas: school room/guest room or library/guest room. But to start out it will be the playroom until we build the one in the basement.

So that's my soon-to-be home.... I'll share pictures once we get in and I find my camera again :) I'm really excited about decorating and setting up this home.

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carrie24 said...

How exciting!! I love when people share their plans fro their homes.. what a wonderful space... seems (by the description) that it has a lot of potential for change as the children grow and a lot of character..LOVE big open staircases.
Happy for you :)