Thursday, July 1, 2010

The One Where I Say 'I Love You'.

I'm on a parenting kick lately. Not sure why that is, but there are a lot of parenting thoughts mulling around in my head.

I realized this morning as I walked through the living room where Michael was laying on the couch reading "Percy Jackson" that I don't tell my kids "I love you" very often. Oh sure, the typical times... bedtime, morning, etc. But not just randomly throughout the day. So I just blurted "Hey Michael. I love you." He looked at me like I had 2 heads and then smiled and said "I love you too." My mini shadow was walking behind me and said "Luv Oooo" in her tiny little voice and it made me feel warm inside.

If it makes me feel warm inside to hear my baby and my 9 y/o say it, imagine how they must feel to hear me say it?

I've been working on using my hands only for 'love touches'. A hair tossle for the boys, a snuggle for whomever wants it, a gentle carress of the face and a light kiss on the nose for the girls. We don't come from a very touchy/feely family, but for some people their love language is touch. I figure there has to be at least one of the 5 who has that love language, so why not lavish it on them all? We have been a family who uses 'smacks' as a joke in a way. A quick "wisterpoop" to the head or a quick smack on the bum as they run through the room. But I was realizing that this wasn't really appropriate or kind to my children and they were starting to do it to each other which, of course, would turn into a war. So it needed to stop & now I do a quick hug or kiss instead.

I do truly love my kids. I think that this is the bottom line of parenting. Love. Respect. Kindness.

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