Monday, July 12, 2010

The One With Some Thoughts

It's interesing how just a comment from a family member, a friend or a stranger can throw you into a spin. Just a comment, hurtful, but just a comment. This happened to me recently and it's making me question my parenting, my children's influence on others, & mostly my relationship with that person.

I'm confused as to how to continue on with the friendship or if I just need to step back for a while and let the person guide where we're going.

It is interesting, tho... why do we let other people's thoughts influence us so much? Perhaps a person with more confidence would be able to over look hurtful comments.


carrie24 said...

Let me know when you figure it out. :) AS i am going through the same troubles with a friend (or so i thought friend) here. HUGS to you.. and remember in your heart you are doing what's right and best for you and your family!!

Robin said...

It is weird how others can have such a profound effect on our feelings. I was given the bird the other day by some in a hurry angry driver and I stewed about it all day. Wondering if I could have done something to avoid it, etc.... Stupid, I know, but just an example of what you are talking about. It's so much more intense when the hurt comes from someone we consider a friend. ((Becca))