Sunday, May 11, 2014

The Florida Vacation One...Days 6 & 7

I'm catching up from the comfort of my own living room now.  I got a bit busy and tired to keep up! 

Day 6 was Epcot Center!  The first ride we went on was the Test Track.  If you ever get a chance to go to Epcot, hit this rid.  It is fun!!  Definitely Fast Pass it as it was busy right off the bat in the morning.  The kids designed cars and then got to ride around a track... it went faster than I expected and was tons of fun!!

We had lunch in "France" with everybody in our crew.  KT wanted to try a lemon.  Her reaction was priceless.  This girl amuses me.  She also ate her marinara sauce like tomato soup instead of pouring it on her pasta. Silly child.  We ate at Chefs de France and they were very accommodating for my gluten and dairy free needs.  (Will blog about that in my "Overlook of Disney" post.)

We stopped to get a picture taken in front of the ball and fountain.  We took a few serious ones, but I like this silly one with Tinkerbell!  The boys didn't get into it quite as much as us girls did. 

The whole crew...  The lady wasn't sure she'd fit us all in easily, but here we are! 

The girls even got to meet a few princesses... Aurora and Snow White! 

One of my favorite photos with Matt and I in France... if you look closely, you can see our children at the end of the fountain.
Overall, Epcot was great!  Unfortunately the younger two children were complaining, hot and miserable, so after we walked through the World Showcase, listened to some awesome singers in "America" and went on a Viking ride in "Norway", we decided it was time to head home.  We missed out on one section of Epcot, but we had fun anyway and made it back to the condo in time to swim and relax a bit. 

On Day 7,we hit Animal Kingdom!  This was our favorite park, though we didn't get many pictures.  We took a safari ride, went on a rapids ride (my favorite!!) and watched the Nemo musical (which was AWESOME, by the way!) 

Animal Kingdom has this huge tree in the center of the park with carvings all over it.  It is called the Tree of Life. This picture was taken at the end of a very fun, but tiring day.   

One thing Karah and Nathan did there was a roller coaster ride with their Uncle Pete and his girlfriend.  They LOVED it!  Love how the girls are screaming in this picture, but the boys look "ho-hum".  They really wanted to go again, but we ran out of time.
We brought the kids back to the condo and had a mini-date!  Matt and I went back to Magic Kingdom alone.  Wandered the whole park, went on Splash Mountain (which wasn't as thrilling as I had hoped) and watched the fireworks display together.  I wish we had stayed late w/ the kids the night we went to Magic Kingdom. They would have LOVED the fireworks show.  That is one of my biggest regrets about this week in Florida. 

Overall days 6 and 7 were great!

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