Sunday, May 11, 2014

The Seven Things I Learned About Disney

For anybody thinking of heading to Disney.
  1. Get Memory Makers.  It's $150 if you buy it early and it is SO worth it.  We were able to shoot a few pictures w/ our cameras, but it was nice to have the whole family in photos and random other shots that were taken with a better camera than I have!  Also, you get pictures from rides like Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, Test Track, Everest Expedition and more! 
  2. Fast Pass the things you want to ride or see asap!  If you get your magic bands and tickets before you arrive, fast pass things as soon as you can.  If you get to your fast pass attraction and find a short line, go through the short line.  You can change your Fast Pass selections at a kiosk with ease!
  3. If you don't get Magic Bands with your tickets... get them when you get to the park.  They make fast pass, photos, etc easier!! 
  4. Don't be afraid to eat there even if you have allergies!  There are tons of options.  Just let the staff know of your allergies and they will help.
  5. Bring lots of water and snacks!  You'll be thirsty and the kids may get munchy!
  6. Date your spouse if you can.  One of my favorite evenings was when Matt and I left our kiddos with my inlaws at the condo and just meandered through Magic Kingdom and caught the fireworks.  It was fun to just hang out there, go on rides and not worry about losing a child. 
  7. Other than your fast pass ideas... throw your plans out the window, relax and ENJOY!  If the kids want to go to 'x' when your itinerary says 'y', go to 'x' anyway.  The trip is all about the family having a good time, after all. 

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