Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The One With Our Florida Vaction...Days 4-5

Is it day 6 already?  Amazing!  My goal was to blog daily, but one day we didn't do anything except settle in and play in the pool.  Since then we've been so busy I haven't had time to blog!

On Sunday we went to Hollywood Studios. This is the park I wasn't sure we'd spend much time in, so we picked it purposefully for Sunday since the boys had plans to see the Blue Man Group in the evening. 

Hollywood Studios was nice.  The kids got to take in quite a few shows.  Us girls went to see Muppets 3D, Beauty & The Beast and Ariel's show.  Here are my princesses just outside the Beauty and the Beast show. 

After we took in the shows, we wandered a bit through the world of animation and met Mickey and  Minnie!  KT was scared of Minnie at first.  She's always had an aversion to people in full animal costumes, but she warmed up after a bit...
We met up w/ the guys, took in one more show (Muppets 3D again since the guys hadn't seen it) and then scooted back to the hotel for a yummy dinner of pasta and shrimp that my MIL had prepared for us.  Yum!

The boys had fun at Hollywood Studios too... They took in an Indiana Jones and Stunt show. They also went on a ride called Star Tours. We just happened to be there on "May the Fourth" (Star Wars fans know what I'm talking about...)  So we got to see a Star Wars show and see random Star Wars characters walking around.  Unfortunately Disney's official Star Wars weekends don't start until May 16th, so we didn't get to spend time dong that. 

Now I come to yesterday!  Magic Kingdom Day!  I have to admit to being completely overwhelmed by Magic Kingdom.  SO MANY PEOPLE! And so much to do, see and experience.  There is no way to take it all in in one day.  So... we split off again, but not quite as much.  Us girls went off to visit the princesses that we could. We saw Merida, Rapunzel and Cinderella. 

We met back up and went on the People mover... then off to Adventure Land for a ride on the Jungle Cruise, but we stopped by Swiss Family Robinson's tree house first.  After the jungle cruise we got a bit lost... we tried to do a treasure hunt, but the attendant only gave us a map and no talisman... she said our bands would work, but they didn't.  So we ended up scooting into Frontierland to find a FastPass kiosk to change some things only to get caught up in a crowd waiting for the parade.  Somehow we ended up in a shady with a great spot to see the parade!!  It was great AND KT got to see Elsa and Anna!!  After the parade we ended up going to Tom Sawyer's island. I had to laugh because that was one of our favorite parts!  It wasn't very busy over there... we found a secluded picnic table in the midst of trees and sat down to eat and relax.  Then we meandered around the island.  It was relaxing and picked everyone's spirits back up.  We had been feeling a bit stressed with the crowds, fast pass not working right and so on...

After about 40 minutes of relaxation we decided we could hit the crowds again.  We went to Streets of America and took in the show at Hall of Presidents.  KT fell asleep on me, thankfully!!  Then we met up with my inlaws and took a ride on the steam boat.  We ended up splitting up again and the guys went on Pirate's of the Carribean while I took the girls to the carousel and Enchanted Tales with Belle.  I didn't know what that was, exactly... but I thought they might like it.  I was right!  Karah got to be in the show as Mrs. Potts.  It was a cute storytime where they choose children to act out the parts for Belle. They get to meet Belle, play with her and get their pictures taken with her.  So KT got to meet Belle too!!  She was a bit overwhelmed by that.  Belle has been one of her favorites for a few years.

After they our time with Belle, we met up w/ the whole family again.  Matt said that Karah and I should go on the Pirate's ride, so KT went off with Uncle Pete and his family to see ride the tea cups while we went on the Pirate's ride.  It was fun!  Karah and I both liked it. 

By this time it was about 9 pm and we were exhausted!  We decided not to stay for fireworks (slated to be around 10 or so I guess) and headed home.  Unfortunately we missed some fun things, but I guess that's par for the course at Disney.  The one thing I regret is that we didn't get our picture taken in front of the castle.  Otherwise it was an awesome day, fun experiences and great memories made!!

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