Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Somewhat Random One

I think we're on the mend! Still coughing and sneezing, but brighter eyes and more smiles this morning. Praise the Lord!! I'm grateful we haven't been sick all winter, but really dislike it when we do.

I'm listening to "Siblings Without Rivalry" on tape right now. It's been a fairly good "read". It's made me think about how I interact with the children and how much or little I step into fights and if I pit them against each other w/out realizing it. So I've been putting it to practice... Levi and James were outside playing basketball and James is much better than Levi at it. Levi was angry and came in pouting. Before I listened to the book I would have tried to make him feel better by saying things like "but you are good at piano and reading". Instead I just stoood there and listened quietly. He stomped off and pouted a little more. Then came back and said, "Well, I guess it doesn't matter. I have fun playing it and it's just a fun game." and that was that. He hasn't been upset that James is better than him at it since. Another thing I did was have James make a list of all the things he can do when he's bored. He had a tendancy to pick on his siblings when he is bored and it's really frustrating for all of us. So I mentioned that maybe he should make a 'bored list', which he refused at first, but then when I wasn't paying attention he made one. Lol! He came up with some good things on his 'bored list'. :)

Beth & I have continued to do her hair in neat hairstyles... but we've been coming up with our own. I'll have to take a few pictures. Some of the ones I've found on the blogs are very complicated and I just don' thave the time for them, so I tweak them. I've found that I really enjoy coming up with new styles for her hair. Now if only Alyssa would grow some I could do matching hair-dos for them.

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