Monday, April 20, 2009

The One With the Meanings

So James came up to me and asked if I could find out what his name means. So we spent a little time this morning going over their names. We found out some neat things. (BTW... I use my children's middle names on this blog so if the meanings seem 'off' that's why....) I used this website: The meanings were a little different than the ones I've seen in the past...

Here are the meanings for our family:
DH ~ God's Gift; United
Me ~ Servant of God; Pretty One; Lamb
DS1 ~ Who is like God?; United
DS2 ~ Gift of God; Supplanter
DD ~ Sweet Melody; Consecrated to God; Lamb
DS3 ~ Honorable Ruler; God's Word
DD2 ~ Pure Pretty One; Rational; Grace of God

I found it interesting and ca actually see how those things fit some of our personalities pretty well :)

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