Friday, April 17, 2009

The One Where I'm Forced to Go Green

I realized this morning that I'm being 'forced' to be more 'green'. I thought we had run out of paper towels about a month ago and being cheap, I didn't feel like wasting our $ on more. So I decided to see how long I could go without them... Apparently it's been a month and I haven't missed them! We use napkins for faces and rags for cleaning. I did find a half roll in the basement and used it as baby wipes in a pinch. So I guess I DID use it... but if it had been the baby and not the toddler I would have used a washcloth. The idea of wiping toddler poo w/ a washcloth made me squeamish.

Then on Wednesday our microwave quit working! I don't know what happened to it. Matt was home Tuesday night and said it was acting weird... and the next day it just quit working. So now I'm going to see how long I can go w/out a microwave. It's an adjustment tho. I wanted to make a cup of tea this evening and when I realized I'd need to find and wash the tea pot and boil the water on the stove I opted for a glass of water instead. And Friday nights are usually leftovers night because we're exhausted from Friday School... and I realized I had no microwave... so I heated up the leftover spaghetti on the stove. The kids thought it was fine.

So in a way I'm being forced to be more green... but it's ok with me. I was already heading that way anyway. It's more my poor hubby who is having a hard time adjusting....


Janeen said...

We don't have a microwave here either, the apartment we got did not come with one and they are OBSCENELY expensive so we're making due with JUST a stove as even the oven isn't all that big, MAYBE big enough to cook a 9 inch pizza (not even a full sized one). It's been interesting but so far, we've been okay without it. I'm sure healthier too because microwave probably isn't the greatest way to cook food.

As for tea pot, in Korea, they have these water heating things that are AWESOME (I may have to buy one to bring home). lol It's basically an electronic tea pot but it boils water SO FAST! I use it to make coffee since we also don't have a coffee pot here (may get one next month though) and instant coffee is HUGE here.

It's been an adjustment but we've been making do so far, especially as far as space, all three of us are in a studio apartment (basically an efficiency).

wimama05 said...

awesome! I should give some of those ideas a try!!!